Empirical Research at IBF

The Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) requires empirical research using financial data for seminar works or final thesis. The typical structure of such a research project includes the explanation of a theoretical model and its empirical analysis using real world data.

Empirical research helps prepare individuals for careers in analytical roles such as research analyst, data scientist, portfolio managers and other quantitative positions. This demonstrated ability is a “sine qua non” for these jobs, is a recommendation for higher level activities in positions where large amounts of data are handled.

The data providers of the faculty of economics and management are among the market leaders: CRSP is the leading provider of security data in the. Refinitiv is a global leader for security data from major exchanges such as Frankfurt, London, Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong, and others. Top academic journals including “The Journal of Finance”, “Journal of Financial Economics”, and “The Review of Financial Studies” require empirical research based on sources like CRSP, Compustat and Datastream.