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Introduction to scientific work

Scientific work at the Institute for Banking and Finance

Introduction to scientific working at IBF

The Institute for Banking and Financing offers an introduction in scientific work every semester, which provides all the knowledge necessary for a thesis or seminar thesis at the institute. A special focus is on working with the statistical analysis software R. Participation is mandatory for all students who want to write a seminar paper or thesis at the Institute for Banking and Finance in the academic year.

Dates in winter semester 2020/2021

The introduction to academic work at the Institute of Banking and Finance can be found as a learning module on ILIAS in the winter semester 2020/2021. The learning module includes an introduction to scientific work as well as an introduction to working with the statistical software R.

Quantitative/ Empirical Work

Each seminar and final thesis at the Institute for Banking and Finance comprises a theoretical and a quantitative part. Depending on the topic, it is an empirical or quantitative analysis. This requires the use of statistical-numerical software such as R, Matlab, Python or Stata. In the ILIAS learning module for the introduction to scientific work you will learn the basic knowledge of R which you need to get started. The contents linked here also provide some basic knowledge.

Installation R and RStudio


First steps in R