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A doctoral student for empirical finance research

A doctoral student for empirical finance research

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As of May 02, 2023, Annika Giese joins the team of empirical finance researchers at the IBF as a research associate. She was able to qualify for the scientific work at the IBF directly after her master's degree due to her very good academic performance and with exceptional achievements in the empirical master's thesis.

Annika Giese grew up in Celle and has remained loyal to the Hanover region until now. But she has broadened her horizons beyond the region: She spent a semester abroad at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in California; internships at the Bundesbank and Deloitte GmbH have sharpened her eye for the perspectives and practical interests of the financial market.

Already as a tutor and student assistant at LUH, she discovered her heart for exercises and working with students, and she is looking forward to familiarizing business administration students with financial market issues as a lecturer in the future.

As a researcher, she is taking promising first steps in the academic arena with her master's thesis, "Stock Market Attractiveness and Bank Deposit." Here, she investigates on a local level whether an attractive stock market leads to lower deposit growth at banks because investors withdraw their deposits to invest in the stock market.

Annika Giese on her start at IBF: "Since I love to learn new things and always try to understand all the connections, research is the optimal entry for me."