Lizenz für CRSP/Compustat Merged Database

License for CRSP/Compustat Merged Database

For 2021, the comprehensive CRSP Compustat Merged Database is available to all students and researchers at Leibniz Universität Hannover.

For the year 2021, the TIB together with the Institute of Banking and Finance and the Hannover Center of Finance have acquired licences for the use of data from the CRSP/Compustat Merged Database. They are available to all students and researchers at Leibniz Universität Hannover this year.

This database contains current and historical balance sheet, market and securities price data of over 30,000 US companies and is used by leading universities worldwide for research purposes. With stock price data from 1927 onwards and balance sheet data from 1955 onwards, the database also covers a wide range of possible questions historically.

The CRSP/Compustat Merged Database is suitable for research and dissertation work on empirical questions in the fields of corporate finance, asset pricing and accounting. It is the basis of recognised publications in the leading journals in the relevant fields, including the Journal of Finance and Accounting Review.

More information on the use of the database can be found here.